At Pizzaphant, we pride ourselves on our work and delivering the highest quality, innovative marketing strategy, techniques, and tactics to small to medium businesses and non-profits. The work we’ve done spans across multiple areas of marketing, and our results have elevated our clients to better compete in their marketplaces.

We’ve won awards for our clients, transformed their businesses, and helped them maximize the value of their marketing efforts. We are only as good as the work we deliver, and as such, we strive to provide a service that exudes excellence and enables our clients to be successful.

some examples of our work

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Business Development and Lead Generation
Event Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Social Media
  • Virtual Marketing Director
    Pizzaphant has been acting as the virtual marketing director for a mid-sized technology company. In this role, we manage direct reports, create budgets, establish processes and strategies, negotiate with vendors, craft marketing collateral and content, and we even helped rebrand the company. As a result of our efforts, the company has been established as a thought leader in their industry, seen a 355% increase in visits to their website, won national awards, and realized a $800,000 profit from their marketing efforts in the first year alone.
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  • Social media strategy development
    A local nonprofit organization in operation for over 100 years needed a refresh to its social media approach to stay relevant with its existing donor base and to acquire new donors. We audited their existing social media activities, then created a repository of content that aligned with their organization’s mission. Upon executing their social media strategy with new content and creating a social media content calendar, we increased their Facebook followers by 20% and unlocked another avenue for receiving donations. This nonprofit continues to refine their social media content to grow their engagement, user base, and donations.
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  • Business development and lead generation
    One of our clients was interested in sourcing leads for their sales team through their marketing department and asked Pizzaphant for help. We defined where the weaknesses were in their sales cycle, established an outbound marketing strategy and team to account for those weaknesses, and improved the time it takes to turn a lead into a customer. Last year, over 70% of the company’s leads came through the outbound marketing team.
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  • Event Strategy
    A technology client was currently using events as a means to source new business leads. However, the company didn’t have a strategy in place. Its events were not well attended, they often changed the event date in the middle of the campaign, the presenters weren’t prepared, and the events were not meeting the company’s goals. The organization contacted Pizzaphant to see if we could help improve their strategy. We created an eight-week campaign cycle that included step-by-step instructions on how to source venues, created messaging, secured attendees, prepared presenters, and showed the company’s brand and value at the event. We also met with the presenters before each event and established a presentation cadence so that the presenters were always well-prepared. As a result of our efforts, attendance increased by 65%, the business realized a 33% attendee to first meeting rate, and the company is now known for its informative and excellent events.
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