Clients come to us all the time with obstacles they face and challenges they have to overcome. Our clients know that we love transforming challenges into solvable, revenue-generating opportunities that will propel our clients’ businesses forward. We do this by looking at their business in a holistic manner, and determining whether the specific challenge is systemic of a larger issue at hand. We figure out how marketing can help the issue and what problem we can solve with our client’s existing and allocated resources in the timeframe we have to do it.

At Pizzaphant, we love a good challenge. We love using our over 25 years’ combined experience, our marketing acumen, and our innovative and out-of-box thinking to help solve our clients’ toughest problems.

When our clients work with Pizzaphant, they get more than just a marketing consulting firm, they get an entire team dedicated to helping them increase sales, acquire new clients, and become a better business.

why our clients work with us

Lift stagnating sales

There comes a time in every business when sales begin to plateau. Pizzaphant will take a look at your sales funnel, cycle, and team, and see where we can use marketing to boost customer value throughout the sales cycle.

Align sales and marketing efforts

If you already have an established marketing department, we can review how sales and marketing are currently aligned and provide recommendations on how to strengthen the relationship between the two departments.

Enable sales

Pizzaphant will review how your sales team currently walks customers through the sales cycle and provide recommendations, tactics, and strategies for how marketing can better enable sales to land the client and close the deal.

Solidify your online presence

Having an online presence is a necessity. We will review your current online presence and advise you on how to strengthen your website, social media sites, and more so that you have a strong foundation for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Rally ambassadors for brand consistency

Every member of every department needs to be able to define who you are, what you do, and why someone should do business with you over someone else. Pizzaphant will work with you on defining your message and ensuring it’s consistent across departments and staff.

Bolster your go to market strategy

Defining how you go to market and who you target will bring a better focus to your sales and marketing efforts. Pizzaphant can dive into your current strategy or look at your business and help you better define how to go to market.

what our clients are saying

“Working with Pizzaphant has changed how PAHS approaches our marketing and helped our small team learn about how we can use different marketing techniques to expand our reach within our local community. We’re taking advantage of social media, event marketing, and strengthening our existing programs—and we’re seeing positive results from our donors.”
Carole Hyde, Executive Director, Palo Alto Humane Society

“The Pizzaphant team has completely transformed our go to market strategy and brand in the marketplace. From creating our marketing department to developing a solid digital marketing and outbound strategy for us, Pizzaphant has had a significant impact on our image and bottom line.”
Ed Kapelinski, President, Mindsight

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