There comes a point in most small to medium businesses’ lives where the organic growth of the company begins to plateau. The sales/development team isn’t bringing in the clients that they used to bring in and new opportunities are slowing to a trickle. This is usually when the company will decide that investing in marketing is the logical next step.

At Pizzaphant, we strongly believe that marketing should be a part of the business plan of the organization, developed alongside of the major tenents of the company. However, we know that is not always the case. Often, the investment in marketing occurs when sales are stagnant, membership is falling, and the company needs some quick wins and a strategic shift in the way they go after new business.

This is part of the reason why Pizzaphant focuses on small to medium businesses. We understand the urgency behind your marketing campaigns, have experience in building marketing departments and strategy from scratch, and enjoy seeing the impact our marketing will have on a company’s bottom line.

While not every campaign will show immediate results, and building the foundation of your marketing through strategic plans and processes will take time, we will help you to realize the ROI you need to prove the value of marketing. Through our six-step approach, we will define quick wins and long-term goals, set expectations, and ensure you see the success you’re looking for.

Pizzaphant has won national awards for the work we have done in elevating small to medium businesses and monetizing their website and social efforts—let us help you revitalize your efforts and increase your revenue.

Who do we help? We help anyone and everyone who wants to elevate their business through marketing.

Our Clients

Our clients have told us that they appreciate the insightful innovation we bring to their marketing. We work with each of our clients closely, establishing frequent cadence calls, updates, and reports so that we feel less like a separate organization and more like an extension of their team. We take the time to learn about them and their company, and ensure that the marketing we develop will create a significant and lasting impact.

Our Work

Our work ranges from developing a marketing department from the ground up and creating outbound and digital marketing strategies to establishing companies as thought leaders and crafting successful social media campaigns. As with all projects, we use our six-step approach to define goals, determine metrics, and analyze results so that every project we take on is valuable.