We started Pizzaphant to help businesses use marketing to help them meet their goals, drive new leads, and increase revenue. As a part of our business model, we pull in various resources and experts as needed to deliver the best results possible. We have partnerships with independent contractors and other businesses that bring additional expertise to the projects we work on. From graphic designers and web developers to content creators and UX strategists, we can craft a comprehensive team to help elevate your business through marketing.

Starza Thompson
Starza Thompson

Managing Partner and Founder

Starza started her marketing career in the non-profit sector, learning how to create a huge impact with few resources. After crafting a cookbook that sold over 225,000 copies in its first year, Starza left the non-profit world to get her MBA at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Graduating with honors and in the top 10% of her class, Starza started her post-MBA career at a Fortune 500. There, she created value-added services, organized webinars, trade shows, and large-scale conferences, helped small to medium businesses define their brand and value, and many other marketing projects that came her way.

Most recently, Starza was the head of marketing at a technology consulting firm where she built the marketing department from scratch, including creating successful digital and social media strategies that earned her the national award of Digital and Social Marketer of the Year from Cisco.

In her spare time, Starza enjoys going on outings with her little sister in the Big Brother Big Sister program, helping Illinois residents get access to legal information through her board position at Illinois Legal Aid Online, and mentoring women who are considering getting an MBA through the Forte Fellowship program.

Starza’s Top 5 Accomplishments

  • Monetized the Mindsight website through a stronger focus on SEO, social media, and targeted content that enabled her to win Cisco’s Digital and Social Marketer of the Year Award for Cisco’s North American partners. As a result of this multi-faceted campaign, Mindsight website visits increased by 355% and their gross profit increased by $350,000 in one year.
  • Developed 20 custom marketing pieces for five different small to medium businesses that highlighted their capabilities, product offerings, and value propositions.
  • Wrote a cookbook that sold over 225,000 copies in its first year, and toured the country promoting the cookbook.
  • Designed a marketing campaign within the World of Warcraft that earned her the top billing on FoxNews.com.
  • Devised five new revenue generating programs for a Fortune 500 including a brand awareness campaign, custom marketing campaign, email collection campaign, CRM solution, and an opportunity analysis campaign.

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