Oftentimes, it’s hard to decide whether you should hire a new employee to jump-start your marketing or to outsource your marketing efforts instead. At Pizzaphant, we want to make that decision easier by giving you the best of both worlds. We can act as your marketing team and provide a seamless connection between your company and ours so it feels like we’re just an extension of your organization.

We’ve been the first and only marketer at a company and know how to build out marketing departments, campaigns, and strategies with few resources and little direction. But we have also worked at Fortune 500s, drafting very specific marketing campaigns, value proportions, and more for products, services, and even companies that worked with our Fortune 500. We’ve donned multiple hats and created successful strategies that have truly moved departments and businesses forward.

Whether you’re new to marketing and need help defining strategies and best practices, or need an extra hand in launching a new campaign, we’re here and ready.

With over 25 years of combined marketing experience, out-of-the-box thinking, a nose for analytics, and a proven approach, Pizzaphant can help you get the most of out of marketing

Our Approach

We always start with learning about your business and industry—that’s the most important step. From there, we determine your objectives and goals and ensure that whatever marketing project we develop meet those items. Finally, we define success for your campaign and determine how that success will be measured.

Our Team

Pizzaphant was founded by Starza Thompson and Teeda Tangprasertchai, who were coworkers at a Fortune 500 and have since become friends and business partners. Both women have MBAs in marketing and vast experience in helping small to medium businesses in multiple industries and markets.

Our Certifications

Marketing is always changing, and at Pizzaphant, we know how important it is to stay up-to-date with all of the latest marketing concepts, technologies, and skills. We are always working on achieving new certifications and advancing our skillset so check this page out often.