A social media presence can increase your recognition in the marketplace, create a more intimate relationship with your customers and potential customers, promote your brand, attract new leads and prospects, increase the number of deals you close, and position your company as a thought leader in your industry. Like most marketing efforts, none of this can happen without a strong strategy and someone dedicated to its success.

That’s where Pizzaphant comes in.

We can work with you to determine what social media channels are appropriate for your company, how often you should post to each channel, what content you should be posting, and how to measure your success. If you already have a social presence, we can review what is working and recommend improvements.

Pizzaphant has an award-winning strategy and proven results for using social media and digital marketing to win the hearts and minds of existing and potential customers. Let us help you create a strong social presence.

Social Media Services

Strategy development
The first step to a successful social media presence is a solid strategy. Citing best practices for each channel, we will work with you to determine which social media channels your company should have, the frequency of posts, the types of content to post, what content should be original vs. curated, and how we can measure success. We will also create guidelines for content and posting so that you know exactly how to proceed.

Profile creation and management
Whether you already have profiles in existence or you need to start from scratch, Pizzaphant can help you develop the company profiles you need. We can also manage those profiles, making sure the information, images, and content is always up-to-date and relevant.

Content creation and curation
Content creation and curation can feel like a daunting task, especially if you are managing multiple channels and posting frequently. Pizzaphant can help. Following best practices, we will balance a mixture of original content with curated content, and create a blend of content that promotes your company and references relevant industry articles. We will take into consideration your company’s brand and develop content that consistently represents you. All potential posts will be placed in a content calendar for you to review prior to posting, and all content will be based on guidelines outlined in your social media strategy.

Content calendar development
Content calendars are essential to any marketing campaign. They help you plan your week, month, quarter, or even your year so you know exactly what you’re launching and when you’re promoting it. For social media, we use content calendars to schedule posts in advance, so that content is varied, best practices are followed, and you are not scrambling every day to come up with new content to post. If we are not managing your social media accounts, we will give you a template to follow and recommendations on where to go to curate content.

Social media posting and account monitoring
Once the content has been determined, Pizzaphant can distribute the content to your various channels and monitor each account, responding to comments and forwarding questions and potential leads as they come in. We will follow your guidelines and your content calendar so that there are no surprises, and so each response sounds like it’s coming from your brand.

Analytics and reports
We can’t manage what we’re not measuring. As such, it’s important to determine what success looks like for each channel and what your goals are for creating your social accounts. We will monitor your analytics and use the agreed upon metrics to craft reports on a pre-determined basis so that we can make recommendations on how to adjust and improve your strategy and social media presence.

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