At Pizzaphant, we believe that creating a marketing strategy is the best part of marketing. Marketing strategy is about developing a process and plan to follow so that you can achieve the greatest success. We often spend time focusing on the tactics, getting the day-to-day work done, and rarely taking a step back to determine how the work we do fits into the bigger picture and how the tactics we create affect the company as a whole. Marketing strategy enables you to look at your business holistically so that you can determine how marketing not only fits into the business but also how marketing can positively affect the company and help the company achieve its larger goals.

Wherever you are in your marketing journey, whether you have a robust team working for you or you are looking to outsource your marketing, Pizzaphant is well-versed and well-equipped to be your marketing team or an extension of your team.

Marketing Strategy Services

Virtual Marketing Director
Pizzaphant’s Virtual Marketing Director service is perfect for companies that are just starting their marketing practice as well as for existing marketing departments that are looking for a leader. Simply put, we will act as your marketing director. We will develop your marketing budget based on the guidelines you provide, create a marketing plan for the year with quarterly milestones, set measurable and actionable goals for the department, write and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other processes, research marketing technology to adopt, and create/manage your team. If necessary, we will also have periodic onsite visits to meet with your other departments to ensure alignment between groups.

The Virtual Marketing Director service includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Team management
  • SOPs and written processes
  • Budget development
  • Marketing plans
  • Onsite visits for departmental alignment

Marketing plan development
From planning a single campaign to creating a marketing plan for the entire year, Pizzaphant can help you determine the strategy behind your initiatives. We can also build that strategy into a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan. We’ll define your goals, determine your tactics, and develop metrics for success so that you have the information you need to have a successful campaign, strategy, or year.

Budget development and allocation
Regardless of whether you’re trying to figure out what a first marketing budget would look like, or have received your budget and are looking for recommendations on how to allocate your funds, we are happy to assist. Pizzaphant can create your budget for you or provide insight into how you should allocate the funds you have. We can look at a campaign-specific budget or a monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget and help you determine where your resources should go.

Strategic marketing plans
A marketing plan determines where your focus should be for the month, quarter, year, or campaign, what goal or objective you’re trying to achieve, what tactics you need to execute, and how you measure success. It looks at your overall business strategy and illustrates how your marketing fits into the big picture, and it enables you to impact your company’s goals and bottom line. Pizzaphant can work with you to create the strategic marketing plans you need to ensure the greatest success.

Marketing playbook and campaign strategy
Once you’ve run a multi-touch campaign and have seen what the timing looks like, what content worked and didn’t, and how you can realistically measure success, it’s time to create a marketing playbook so that you can repeat the campaign and improve your success rate. A marketing playbook consists of the strategy you executed, a list of tactics used, the metrics you gathered, improvements you have, and a timeline for each tactic and milestone. Pizzaphant can help you construct your campaign strategy, review your multi-touch campaign, and develop a marketing playbook so that you can continue to run and refine your campaigns.

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