From determining the venue and format to developing the agenda and session topics, a lot of planning goes into a marketing event. Your event management strategy has to stretch beyond just the end results of having a widely-attended, well-received event to include every step in the event planning process.

That’s where Pizzaphant event services come in.

We can advise you on the overall strategy for your event, plan out the step-by-step logistics, develop your agenda, session topics, and promotional content, and even offer onsite staffing to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Whether you are attending a large trade show, planning a multi-day conference, or hosting an executive meeting, Pizzaphant will make sure your event is perfectly managed so that you can realize the maximum value from it.

With over 25 years’ combined experience planning events, staffing trade shows, and hosting lunch-and-learns, Pizzaphant is well-positioned to create unforgettable, lead generating events.

Event Management Services

Event strategy
Regardless of the size of the event, creating a strategic plan is an essential first step to executing a successful event. Pizzaphant will advise you on best practices, outline your goals and timeline, and create a detailed document to follow when planning your event.

Event logistics
Depending on the type of event, logistics can include anything from securing the venue, determining the menus, developing the schedule, sourcing speakers, creating location maps, and confirming details. Pizzaphant can be your event logistics consultant—we will make sure your event runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Agenda and topic development
For larger conferences, Pizzaphant can create agendas that account for registration time, breaks, and travel time from one session to the next. We can also brainstorm session topics with you, speak to topic presenters, and develop a comprehensive outline of your conference.

Email and landing page creation
For every event, you need some way for potential attendees to register for the event. Whether you are using a marketing automation platform to register attendees or a specific event planning technology, Pizzaphant can craft the content for the email and landing page so that your event message is concise, compelling, and consistent. We can also monitor the landing page, ensure emails are being read and calendar invites are being sent out, and adjust the copy as needed.

Event emcee and onsite staffing
Sometimes you just need extra hands on deck and an experienced public speaker on staff to introduce presenters, staff tradeshow booths, direct attendee traffic, and more. With extensive backgrounds in theater, public speaking, large-scale events, and trade shows, the Pizzaphant team can act as an extension of your staff at whatever event or trade show you’re planning.

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