As the old adage goes, “Content is King.” The right content will attract new customers while deepening the relationship with your existing customers. It helps drive traffic to your website, can generate new leads, and establishes your organization as a thought leader in your industry. Through our content services, we will use our six-step approach to learn more about your company and industry, define the goals for your content, develop a plan to execute those goals, and define the metrics for success.

With over 25 years’ combined experience writing all types of content for all types of companies, Pizzaphant is well-positioned to help you become a thought leader in your industry.

If there is a particular content piece that you would like us to create, and you don’t see it below, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Content Services

Pizzaphant can write a single blog for you on a specific topic, or we can act as your blog writer, creating multiple blogs per month on predefined and relevant topics.

Landing pages
Landing pages are different from web pages in that they are typically tied to a marketing automation platform and are focused on a specific event, campaign, offering, or deal. They tend to be time sensitive, rather than permanent parts of your website. Pizzaphant can develop the perfect landing page to promote your event, product, or service.

Whether you are adding a completely new webpage to your website or would like us to review and refine an existing webpage, we will meet your SEO requirements and ensure the webpage we create is consistent with the rest of the website.

Social media posts
As an extension of our social media service, we can create a social media content calendar for you and draft appropriate and relevant posts for each one of your social media channels. We can also take your existing thought leadership pieces or PowerPoint presentations and create SlideShares for you.

Ebooks/white papers/guides
Ebooks, white papers, and guides are considered thought leadership pieces because they highlight the knowledge you have about a specific topic. Pizzaphant can help you determine which format you should use and we can create the content you need to publish a thought leadership piece of your own.

Brochures/sales slicks/data sheets
Sales teams often talk about needing “leave behinds” when meeting with clients. These can be corporate brochures that outline who your organization is and what you do, sales slicks on a specific product or service, data sheets outlining a more technical offering, or some combination of all of the above. We can create the relevant content in the format you need.

Case studies
One of the best ways to get new clients is to talk about your success stories with existing clients. We can interview your existing clients and other stakeholders to write case studies that showcase your successes.

PowerPoint presentations
While we are not a design firm, we are extremely adept at creating powerful content for PowerPoint presentations. If you have a meeting coming up, or would just like a general presentation on your company, we can help.

Infographics are a great way to promote original content, research, or information that you have in an extremely concise and visual manner. They are great supplements to blogs, ebooks, and other thought leadership pieces. Pizzaphant will develop the infographics you need to elevate your company.

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