Business development and lead generation are essential to every business and non-profit alike. To stay relevant, you need clients, buyers, and members, and in order to get those clients, buyers, and members you need a solid business development strategy.

That’s where we come in.

Pizzaphant has over 13 years’ experience in creating business development and lead generation strategies and processes. We have helped marketing departments determine ROI, enable sales, and bring in new customers by defining personas, crafting playbooks, and researching companies. We can develop your marketing pipeline and define your business goals to create additional value for your company.

If there is something you would like our assistance in but don’t see it listed below, please contact us—we are happy to help.

Business Development and Lead Generation Services

Business development playbooks
If you are unsure of where to start with business development, or would like to put a more formalized process around your lead generation efforts, Pizzaphant’s playbooks are a great way to start. Using our six-step approach to all projects, we will research your industry, determine the goals of your business development initiatives, define success, and then create a process document that outlines each step of your lead generation strategy and includes examples of how to execute each step.

Target markets and customer personas
It’s important to not only determine what market you’re going after and what your ideal customer looks like, but it’s also important to figure out if your current target market and customer is what you would like your future target market and customer to be. We can define your current and future targets as well as develop an outline of the behaviors, motivations, and demographics of your current and ideal customers with recommendation on how to better attract the customers you want.

Call scripts
While email is a cheap and effective way to reach a number of prospective clients, sometimes picking up the phone and interacting with a client in real-time will produce a greater impact than just an email alone. Call scripts will help your team determine what they are saying, the value they offer, objections to look out for, and next steps to follow. Whether you need a single script to help promote an event, or a series of scripts to coincide with a larger marketing campaign, Pizzaphant can draft the scripts you need to turn leads into opportunities.

Email campaign content
Depending on what source you cite, it takes anywhere from 7-12 touchpoints before a potential client becomes a customer. Pizzaphant can use our knowledge of best practices to build out a multi-stage email drip campaign that will attract customers while creating value and promoting your company. Pair the email campaign with a call campaign or an event, and you will quickly move leads through your sales funnel.

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