Your brand is more than just a tagline and a logo, it’s how others perceive you. A brand is like a company’s DNA—it is what is left over once the products, people, processes, and services are stripped away. As such, it’s important to know how you are viewed in the marketplace and how you compare to your competition. Pizzaphant’s brand services start with looking at your brand as it exists in the marketplace today, along with auditing your competitors’ brands to see how those brands are represented in the industry. From there, we help you determine your niche, and create messaging and value statements around that niche so that every employee in your company can articulate who you are and why you’re different.

Pizzaphant has refined a dozen different brands, helping small to medium businesses better compete in the marketplace. From independent resellers and technology companies to non-profits and startups, we’ve built powerful brand platforms that have elevated companies above their competition.

Pizzaphant’s Brand Services

Brand audit and recommendations
Before we can make recommendations on how to improve your brand, we first need to determine what your brand currently represents. We review all of your current brand assets: websites, sales slicks, social media sites, brochures, and anything else that you have that you’ve used in the marketplace to promote yourself. After we take a comprehensive look at your existing assets, we’ll make recommendations on how you might be able to improve your brand and what additional assets you may want to create.

Competitive brand audit
In addition to auditing your existing brand, we’ll take a look at your competitors to see how they are represented in the marketplace. We’ll conduct a complete analysis of their current assets and the perception they create. That way, not only will you know what your brand represents, you’ll know what your competition is claiming in the marketplace.

Stakeholder interviews and surveys
It’s one thing to guess how you are perceived by your major stakeholders and another to actually know how your organization is perceived. Through written surveys and live interviews, we will talk to your stakeholders so you can determine your current brand perception. From vendors and partners to employees and existing customers, we’ll interview a wide range of people to build a complete and accurate view of your brand.

SWOT analysis
Pizzaphant will look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and create a detailed SWOT analysis to help you determine where your organization fits into the bigger industry picture and what you should work on to reduce your weaknesses and threats and capitalize on your strengths and opportunities.

Value proposition and positioning statement
A value proposition is a clear statement that defines how your company solves a specific problem your customers have. Value propositions provide the basis of how you talk about yourself to clients and ensure your message is consistent throughout the marketing and sales collateral you develop. A positioning statement is a clear and concise statement that defines how you set yourself apart from your competitors and what types of customers you serve. Pizzaphant will develop both your value proposition and your positioning statement so that you know exactly how to talk about your competitive differences when compared to other businesses.

Messaging platform and elevator pitch
A messaging platform is simply how you would talk about your business. It provides the foundation for all future content you create. We will craft statements around your key differentiators and messaging around your different stakeholder groups. We will also create an elevator pitch—a brief commercial on who your brand is and what you represent—so that all of your employees are consistent when they talk about your company.

Go to market strategy
Once you have a comprehensive look at your brand and your competitors’ brands, it’s time to define your go to market strategy. Included in this strategy is which market segment you are targeting, the messaging you are using to target them, how you represent your brand, and what sets you apart from your competitors. We will also include recommended tactics that will strengthen your perception in the marketplace.

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