Marketing concepts tend to be universal across industries—regardless of your industry or type of business, we all need to attract customers/members/clients, retain those customers/members/clients, and position ourselves as superior from our competition. Industry knowledge does indeed play an important part in creating specific marketing campaigns or strategy, but as long as your marketing skill set is extensive, specific industry knowledge is a lot easier to learn.

Pizzaphant has worked across company type, size, and industry, and while each area has its own unique set of challenges and nuances, the same marketing strategy can often be applied to developing campaigns, regardless of company industry, size, or type. As long as best practices are used and specific industry differences are defined, the marketing concepts and strategy should be the same. In fact, using ideas that worked for one industry can be a way to breathe innovation into your specific market.

We have extensive experience in non-profits, technology, financial services, startups, and Fortune 500s. However, if we do not currently have experience in your specific industry, our six-step approach builds in time for us to learn about your industry so we can make our recommendations and marketing the most valuable.

When you work with Pizzaphant, you get marketing experts with a knack for research and adapting marketing strategies, tactics, and ideas to your unique industry.

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