The gig economy is truly booming. More and more people are leaving traditional corporate jobs to start their careers as solopreneurs. In fact, there are around 15.5 million independent workers in the US alone. While being a solopreneur may sound exciting, without a solid marketing strategy in place, it will be hard to scale and grow your business.

If you are working on your marketing strategy now and need some quick tactics to help you get your solo business up and running, we at Pizzaphant, recommend the 5 things below to get you started.

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs

1.     Create a Google My Business Page

Having an online presence is extremely important. Around 81% of shoppers make their purchasing decisions online. While a website is your most important marketing asset, having a Google My Business page will help you boost your online visibility, especially if your business is focused on a certain geographic area. Google My Business enables your company to show up in local search results and on Google Maps. Pairing your Google My Business account with a Google Plus account will help increase your search engine optimization and maximize your visibility online.

2.     Become an Expert

As a solopreneur, you want to build your credibility in your industry so that clients know that they can trust you. Being an expert in your field will bring in more business and help you grow your company quickly. One way to increase your credibility is to answer questions that the public may have about your industry or about a specific topic in your industry. Public forum sites like Quora and reporter source sites like Help A Reporter Out are great sources to showcase your expertise, answer questions that are important and relevant to your industry, and start building connections for you and your company.

3.     Join Networking Groups

Like many of us who have come from the corporate world to start our own thing, you may not have a network of people who will either want your services or can refer you to people who might want your services. In a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 78% of entrepreneurs stated that networking with other entrepreneurs was essential to the success of their business. Whether you join a formal networking group like BNI, or just make it a point to meet a certain number of new people every week, it’s important to practice your elevator pitch and build a network that will be a great referral source for you.

4.     Update Your Website

Many solopreneurs will build a website when they first start out—which is great—but they assume that once it’s built, it’s done and they don’t have to touch again. While it would be great to have a website that never needed attention, in order to stay visible in search results, you need to update your website and update it frequently.

Whether you’re updating content based on your keyword research and SEO, or you are switching out your stock photos for unique, custom ones, you should be touching and updating your website on a regular basis. Regular updates give Google a reason to crawl your website and index your new pages and content. This helps ensure that you continue to be relevant in search results and visible for the things your potential clients are searching for.

5.     Blog

One of the best ways to ensure you are consistently updating your website is to blog. Blogging enables you to focus on certain keywords that potential clients may be searching for and provide content around the questions they may be asking. It helps you build credibility and positions you as an expert in your industry.

Think of the questions your potential clients are asking and how you can help answer their questions. For every service or product you offer, make sure you have a few blog posts related to that service or product. Frequency doesn’t matter as much as consistency does. If you are going to blog do it as often as you can consistently do so and make sure that you are adding value with each blog.

Pizzaphant’s post on starting a blog will help you determine topics and write your first blog post.

Being a solopreneur is a challenging and yet rewarding. These marketing tips are just a few things you can do to help increase your online visibility and acquire new clients. Marketing is essential to any business—even solo businesses. With a good strategy in place and solid tactics, your business has the potential for great success.



Top 5 Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs
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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs
If you are working on your marketing strategy now and need some quick tactics to help you get your solo business up and running, we at Pizzaphant, recommend these top 5 marketing tips for solopreneurs.
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