the pizzaphant story

Pizzaphant was founded in 2017 to help small and medium sized businesses elevate their reach, sales, and success by implementing proven marketing strategies and techniques tailored to each organization’s specific needs.

It wasn’t just a passion for developing marketing solutions, refining and rebranding organizations, and executing effective marketing campaigns that brought the Pizzaphant team together. It was being inspired by things we love and the experiences we’ve had that brought us together.

We love traveling, eating pizza, and helping animals. During our travels, we have frequented dozens of amazing businesses with incredibly awesome products and services. These companies are run by talented and passionate people who truly love and excel at their craft—breathtaking whale watching tours, privately run massage therapy businesses, growing tech companies, nonprofit services that save lives—but they didn’t market their products and services or optimize their messaging to help customers quickly relate to their businesses.

We quickly realized that there are thousands of companies just like the ones we visited that could benefit from expanding their reach to new customers, leveraging social media to engage their followers, and otherwise elevating their organizations, no matter the size.

Pizzaphant is here to help nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike gain a strong foothold in their market and cultivate growth in an ever-changing landscape.

pizzaphant services

Business Development & Lead Generation

Business development and lead generation is essential to any small to medium business. Whether you need help developing call scripts, campaign emails, and target personas, or just need an extra hand in researching company contacts, we can help.

Event Management

Whether you’re looking for in-person tradeshow help, event strategy planning for a larger conference, logistical help for a small lunch-and-learn, or advice in planning a 5K, Pizzaphant can help. With over 13 years’ experience in planning small events, walkathons, trade shows, and large 400+ person conferences, we can help ensure your event is successful.

Social Media

When done right, social media can engage and convert new customers, build brand ambassadors, and promote a solid and consistent brand image in the marketplace. The Pizzaphant team has won national awards for our social and digital marketing—let us help you launch and maintain your social presence.


Your brand is more than just a logo or a tagline, it's how you are perceived in the marketplace. Messaging, value proportions, competitive research, strategy, SWOT analyses, and more all go into creating your brand. We can craft consistent messaging and define your value in the marketplace.

Marketing Strategy

Whether you're new to marketing, or just need some extra help, Pizzaphant can develop the strategies you need to be successful. From acting as a virtual marketing director to creating marketing plans and budgets to developing multi-touch campaigns, we can help move your company forward.

Personal Branding

Our personal branding services are perfect for new grads preparing to the enter the workforce or a professional changing careers. By reviewing your resume, creating or updating your LinkedIn profile, and taking a professional photo, Pizzaphant will give you the recommendations and advice you need to put your best face forward and help you land your next job.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can encompass everything from SEO, PPC, email campaigns, thought leadership pieces, and more. Let us use our award-winning digital marketing skills to determine what your company needs to have a strong digital presence.


As the old adage goes, “Content is King.” From blogs to ebooks to landing pages to infographics to brochures, or anything else you can think of, we can create the content you need to enable your sales, bolster your business, and boost your search rankings.

pizzaphant buzz

“The Pizzaphant team has completely transformed our go to market strategy and brand in the marketplace. From creating our marketing department to developing a solid digital marketing and outbound strategy for us, Pizzaphant has had a significant impact on our image and bottom line.”
Ed Kapelinski, President, Mindsight

“Working with Pizzaphant has changed how PAHS approaches our marketing and helped our small team learn about how we can use different marketing techniques to expand our reach within our local community. We’re taking advantage of social media, event marketing, and strengthening our existing programs—and we’re seeing positive results from our donors.”
Carole Hyde, Executive Director, Palo Alto Humane Society